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Sustainability Policy

Mission Statement – Our Business cares about our community, our guests, and our planet. We understand the need to protect our natural environment and limit the day-to-day impact of our actions. We aim to follow and champion good sustainability practices, to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and to give something back to our environment

Our Boats

Our boats all have a most fuel efficient and low noise engines as possible. The fuel tanks on the boats are designed to withstand damage and avoid any spillage using bunded tanks and delivery bousers (this acts as a safety net). We carry fuel spillage kits on aboard our boats as a second precaution. Islay Sea Adventures strictly follows the CalMac fuelling regulations and delivery method. 

Litter picks

The Islay Sea Adventures team are dedicated towards making our local waters and beaches clear of litter. This is especially important to us within the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for Harbour/Common Seals that we visit on our Wildlife Trips. Although summers months can be extremely busy for us, we find the time to do some litter picks. 


Islay prides itself on being friendly and having a great community feel, and Islay Sea Adventures is no different. We support local businesses (often working in close collaboration), buy local produce and goods, promote local tourism, support the local schools and community activities as well as providing jobs for local people. 


All rubbish from our boats and office is recycled where possible. We have moved from using plastic drinks containers to reusable options upon our boats. 

Public transport

Although we are based on the Scottish island of Islay, we still have plenty of bus links. Our customers can travel to our base in Port Ellen from all other major villages/towns by bus, an eco-friendlier mode of transport for those who wish to use it. 


Our newest member of the team is our Wildlife Specialist. They have been focused on Islay’s wildlife and environment, finding new ways for Islay Sea Adventures to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They will continue to push this as they continue with us.

We report our marine wildlife sightings to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, aiding in their research. 

We are a Wild Scotland Member and a 5* certified Scottish Tourist Board wildlife experience operator. 

The future

In the future we would love to more towards electric boats. These are a greener and more wildlife friendly option, with no emissions and no noise for wildlife. Previously, we have applied for grant to convert one of our charter boats into an electric boat, but unfortunately the money was given elsewhere. This is an expensive venture and something we could not currently do by ourselves. But don’t worry, we are always working towards this goal of having electric boats in our fleet.

It is however worth noting that although electric boats are viable for short journeys, they are not suitable for longer journeys that we often undertake. Currently the technology has not quite reached that level, but hopefully will be there soon. Safety is our top priority always, so we would only use an electric boat for longer more strenuous journeys once we are fully convinced they are safe enough to do so. Our customer’s wellbeing is paramount. 

Signed: Angus Newman, Managing Director

Reviewed: March 2022

This policy will be reviewed regularly to evaluate its continued relevance and to monitor our progress.